The Self-Checkout Edition  

Self-checkout is the ‘new normal’ in retail - customers are used to it, but that doesn’t mean they always like it. 

In our latest insights report, we uncover the truth about self-checkout - including what customers love, loathe, and are indifferent to - based on red-hot data from over 40,000 retail consumers from across the globe.

Learn the difference between the good, the bad, and the downright ugly when it comes to self-checkout and get the bottom line on how getting it right can help you boost loyalty, satisfaction, and sales. 



Download your copy today to find out:

  • What the most important benefit of self-checkout is to customers   

  • How many items in the basket are TOO many for self-checkout

  • Why a hybrid approach could be your best shot at self-checkout success

Download your FREE copy today, packed to the rafters with detailed analysis, data, and the hottest retail industry expert views right now. 


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