The Challenge:

The Retail Prodigy Groups's success has long been driven by their aspiration to deliver the ultimate customer experience in-store.  While RPG believed their in-house ‘service standards’ were beneficial, they had no way to quantify what they were worth in terms of impact on spend.  While the in-store 'athletes' (how RPG refer to their store staff) were committed to upholding standards, some stores appeared to outperform others and it was not always easy to identify where the gaps where.  RPG wanted a feedback system that would allow them to understand at a store and staffing level where there was opportunities to improve.  


Bio: Retail Prodigy Group (RPG) hold the Master Franchise for Nike stores across Australia and New Zealand.  They bean in 2011 with the opening of their first Nike store in Melbourne and since then have expanded rapidly, opening roughly ten stores a year.

Industry: Sports Retail

Region: Australia and New Zealand

Company Size: Large